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Fashion and Beauty in your 40’s,  a time of elegance and beauty !!! Or so I would like it to be.  When you come to a crossroad in your life may be a map would be helpful.  The roller coaster changes we all need to make in our fashion and beauty choices as we (go on let’s say it) age is confusing, conflicting and akin to the labyrinth.

Things change that we had no idea about, why didn’t anyone say?  Our bodies are as chaotic as our lives.  Hot flushes make us freak out that we are changing earlier than expected.  Our hair thins and grey hairs appear in places that we thank the universe for intimate waxing.  Creeping wrinkles that only accentuate a smokey eye look, and the frustration at that dress you would have run and bought if only you were 20 again.

What we want today also consists of what we need today, and what we can have.  Oh boy, there is so much great fashion and beauty out there to make us look and feel amazing.

You are invited to join this voyage of new discovery in our fashion, skincare and body issues that we are not quite ready to deal with.

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