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Christmas beauty and fragrance gift boxes have been a staple present of yuletide for many years.  They can though be on the expensive side for a token gift! The beauty industry has obviously cottoned on with this. We have so much to buy this time of year, making perfect little gifts a blessing.

The development of smaller novelty packaged products has delivered a new selection of goodies that are a bit kinder on our pockets.  Everything from Crackers & Baubles to Snow Globes & Candy Canes are now available encasing delights for everyone.

Best Beauty Christmas Crackers and Baubles

Ranging from a few pounds to over fifty, you really can buy them for almost every occasion, friend or family member.   The additional bonus is that the packaging allows you to gift them to people in original and fun ways.  Beauty Baubles, Christmas Bags and Hanging Gifts placed on Christmas Trees or mantlepieces like stockings.  Crackers and Christmas Boxes can be used to make wonderful table center displays or place settings.

Surfing the net uncovered over 150  Beauty Christmas Crackers and Baubles ideas. Containing a mix of Make-up, Skincare, Haircare, Nails, Perfume, Candles, Chocolates, Alcohol and something for the boys!

Beauty Christmas Crackers

‘Festive and Affordable’.  The reason that Beauty Christmas Crackers and Baubles are fast becoming one of the most popular mini gifts options.

Luxury Beauty Christmas Crackers

Imagine setting the table for lunch on Christmas Day. On each plate sits a cracker that has been bought specially for the person to sit there.  So much more personal than a traditional box of crackers, and anyway hats mess up your hair.

Because They Love Make-up

Beauty Baubles & Hanging Gifts 

Do you like to have a few extra presents in, just in case!  Why not pop a selection of Baubles and Hanging Gifts on your Christmas Tree for those surprise visits.

All Because Ladies Love Skincare

Secret Santa Beauty Gifts

There are so many different mini gifts to choose from this season! No more wondering what to get for the office party gift.  In addition to the beauty inspired presents, you can find chocolate, gin, prosecco, candles and even a few male friendly options.

If Thier Hair is the ‘Mane’ Event

Beauty Stocking Filler for Ladies

Gentlemen, take note that you will always get love and affection for a Beauty Stocking Filler for the ladies in your life.  There is the same love for Diamonds, Lingerie and Shoes!

wow Hands and Lips 

Create a ‘Beauty’ful Festive Table of Delights

Setting the Christmas dinner table for many of us is like a work of art.  We all would like to create something a little different.  Why not change the cracker for a bauble or hanging gift.  There are also some different shaped mini box gifts that would look beautiful presented on your guests place setting.

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Bath & Body Smellies!

Not Forgetting the Boys!

Becuase secretly they don’t want to be left out

Gifts to take to Christmas Parties

Take something different than a bottle of fizz to a friends house party.  Of course, all gifts are appreciated when you are hosting a little soiree.  How much more thoughtful is a little something that has been selected especially for the host.

Because you know them well


beauty baubles for christmas 2017
Image from Elle UK

As December brings a variety of social gatherings, give the perfect little something to show your love and appreciation the Christmastime

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Are you looking for Christmas Gift Ideas for the younger ladies in the family? 


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