It is funny how you find things.  Believe me, I have plenty of stories of my own and my friends.  I’m sure you will have a little giggle at this funny way of discovering Skin Doctors No More Hair.  

Shopping in a large supermarket store this morning I wandered into the beauty department.  On passing the Skin Doctors product stand, I noticed a product called ‘Hair No More’.  I picked up the box to have a look and then noticed a sign on the shelf saying ‘this area is being monitored by CCTV’.  Oh no! A pang of worry came over me, and an image of a guy in an office watching me pick up a hair reducer product.  Promptly putting it back I walked off and then began to feel so stupid.  Why did that bother me?  I don’t get freaked out when I am buying tampons and the cashier is male.  

Sometimes I do wonder about myself, as I decided not to go back and carry on looking for fear of grabbing the attention of the CCTV controller.  Buying the other items already in my basket, I swiftly exited left and went home.

Thank goodness for online shopping!  I guess we all have moments, just wonder if I have more than many.  Shopping in real life seems to bring me so many ‘moments’, but I guess they will keep us all amused in the future.

Let me just set the scene before you all wonder why I had not heard of this product before.  This blog is about me discovering my style and skin in my 40’s as I didn’t really pay so much attention to it before.  Only had my first Hollywood 3 years ago (go on gasp at that).  During big changes in your life many people tend to have a radical hairstyle change, well the wax ensured that wasn’t needed.  

As it turned out in this case, online actually was a better option.  

  1. The reviews – always a good read. Have to admit I do love a perfectly crafted dismissal of something (terrible of me), however, all I read on this product were positive.  Many people citing the same problems I have so no longer feel alone in my plight.
  2. Here is the science! It works by flooding the hair follicle with ingredients that starve the hair of the nutrients it needs.  If used long term the hair will grow back finer and sparser.  Many people wrote they were using it with their waxing regime and together BINGO!
  3. It’s cheaper online – Supermarket price £20 – Look Fantastic Price £12.50 – £8.15 on Amazon both with free delivery.  SOLD

Note to self – just buy online!  But then no more funny stories xxx  I would love to hear your stories, honestly, we all have them.


For Your Information:

Skin Doctors own Website 

Buy it at Look Fantastic 

Buy it at Amazon 

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